If you’re thinking about getting veneers but are worried that they might not look as great on crooked teeth, rest assured that straightening your teeth first won’t detract from the final result. In fact, some dentists actually recommend it as part of the process! Here’s what you need to know about straightening teeth before getting veneers, including why you might want to and how to go about it if you choose to do so.

What are veneers?

If you have teeth that are in pretty good shape, but simply aren’t perfectly straight, getting veneers might be your best option. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain—that covers your front two teeth—and they can either give your teeth a completely natural look or can make them appear larger, brighter and straighter. When choosing veneers, you’ll need to determine how you want your smile to look, because sometimes there will be trade-offs between size and appearance. If you want larger, straighter teeth with minimal aesthetic changes to their appearance or size; then, go for it.

Who gets veneers?

The best candidates for veneers are those who have healthy teeth and gums. People who are missing a tooth or two can also benefit from dental veneers, but will most likely require multiple visits to their dentist. If you’ve lost a tooth or need extensive work, your dentist might not be able to complete your treatment in one visit. However if you’re looking for an affordable and simple way to update your smile without undergoing major oral surgery, veneers may be right for you.

Are you ready for veneers?

Straight teeth are not necessary for getting veneers, but straight teeth do make it easier to get veneers. If you have an overbite or crowding, then orthodontics may be a good first step before jumping right into veneer treatment. Our team can help you determine if you’re a good candidate for straightening and/or orthodontics. The benefits of straighter teeth include being able to wear your favourite smile while also avoiding further problems associated with crooked teeth, such as biting down improperly on other objects. Having straight teeth is especially helpful if your profession involves talking or smiling often—for example, work in customer service or sales positions would likely benefit from having straighter teeth.

Are straight teeth necessary before getting veneers?

Many patients worry that they need straight teeth before getting veneers, but straight teeth do not necessarily matter. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit over your existing teeth to cover them up and improve their appearance. As long as your smile has good oral hygiene and free of cavities, straight or slightly crooked teeth will both be suitable for veneers. However, if you’re thinking about getting veneers and you already have crooked teeth, talk to your dentist about options for improving tooth alignment with treatments like Invisalign or braces before starting a veneer treatment plan.

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