Dental OPG

Dental OPG

Dental OPG
Dental OPG

Dental OPG – Why It Makes Us Stand Out From The Crowd

If you’re faced with the possibility of undergoing a dental OPG, then you shouldn’t worry. Standing for Orthopantomogram (a bit of a mouthful we know 🙂 it’s a type of low radiation X-ray which provides a panoramic or wide view of the lower facial area.

Designed to display all the teeth in both the upper and lower jaw on a single film it differs from conventional dental X-rays which take close-ups of individual teeth only. Through an OPG, dental inspections have the ability to reveal problems with the temporomandibular joint or the jawbone itself and can highlight problems in erupted teeth and even expose those that haven’t yet surfaced. OPG’s are particularly useful for identifying jaw trauma and abnormal jawbone growths, as well as revealing impacted wisdom teeth before they become problematic.

Here’s the thing…. Despite the fact that OPG’s help both children and adults get early diagnosis on a wide range of dental problems, less than 40% of all Sydney-based dentists use OPG scanners. We firmly believe that by embracing the latest technology we deliver a better and more efficient service for our patients and surely that’s what it’s all about!

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Panoramic Dental Imaging

So, Evergreen Dental Patients….  What can they expect?

After removing any jewellery, glasses, or other metal objects which could block out the images, you’ll be asked to stand and rest your chin on a small plinth. Next you’ll be asked to bite down onto a sterile, extended mouthpiece while the X-rays are taken. The whole process is over within a few seconds and unlike conventional X-rays, dentists receive images immediately. Since it’s quick and easy patients will feel no discomfort during the process at all.

Dental OPG’s  – Saving you time, money and a great deal of hassle!

In the vast majority of cases when dental problems are detected early, plans can be put in place to treat the problem before it escalates. In the long run this saves you both time and money, plus a great deal of hassle. From the early detection of jaw tumours and oral cancer through to facial sinus problems or an overview of developing teeth in children, dental OPG’s get to the cause of any problems quickly and painlessly.

Here at Evergreen Dental we love to show off our technology – Call us dental geeks if you like, but it’s something we’re proud of. After all, anything that helps our patients get the best possible care is fine by us. We ensure your visit is always warm and welcoming and above all beneficial, so why not book yourself a dental check-up and see for yourself. To make an appointment call us on (02) 8599 1999 today and take the first steps towards maintaining your healthy happy smile.

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dental implantEvergreen Dental is offering a Limited time only Promotion for Superior Quality Dental Implants. The Full Tooth Replacement includes an Implant, Abutment and a Perfectly Fitted Crown.

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