So your dentist has suggested that you replace a missing tooth with a dental implant? You’re aware of the costs involved and you’re not too scared about a tiny bit of surgery, but the burning question on your lips is ‘why does the dental implant procedure take so long?

You’re probably aware that it can take up to 9 months from start to finish – heck, that’s as long as it takes to have a baby!  So what’s the reason for this lengthy process?

The answer? Osseointegration

Okay, so we like to show off with a few long words every now and again but in essence, osseointegration is the fusion of bone tissue as it merges with the titanium implant. It’s necessary to create a super strong platform. In fact without it, a dental implant wouldn’t be able to do it’s job! For most patients, this process takes several months or longer to take effect.

We won’t leave you with a toothy smile!

Don’t worry though because, while you’re hanging around waiting for your dental implant to fuse with your bone, we’ll fix you up with a temporary crown so you can go about daily life as usual.

So what’s next?

After 3-4 months once the implant has successfully fused to the bone, the next step is to fit a small connecting piece known as the abutment. This sits between the dental implant and the permanent crown and acts as a shock absorber and as extra protection for your permanent crown. It does require another small bout of surgery to uncover the implant, after which more healing time may be needed.

Usually after several more weeks it’s time for the finishing touch – cementing your dental crown in place.

Finally, that’s it – job done! Sure it can be a time consuming process but we guarantee the results will speak for themselves. If you’re considering restoring your smile back to its former glory with a dental implant or two, give Evergreen Dental a call today on (02) 8074 3849 and schedule a consultation.


  1. Spencer Vial

    I need to have a tooth replaced and a dental implant seem to be a good alternative to dentures.However, it seems to be excessively long and there’s a lot involved with having a dental implant put in. Considering a bridge, they don’t take as long but flossing underneath is a bummer though. Well, I’m still weighing my options and I am ever learning from this kind of useful post. Thanks for all the info. Keep it up.

  2. Archie Hoad

    I had an accident which broke off my front left tooth very close to the gum line. I must get an implant but I didn’t understand why the entire process would take quite long. Thanks to your article I found the light at the end of this tunnel. My work requires me to interact with many people though so I was really hoping I could get it done as soon as possible. I’m still in a sticky situation I think.


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