We’re all too aware that the price of dentistry here in Australia isn’t cheap. It’s no wonder then that people are seeking out a cheap deal for a dental implant in Bangkok. If you’re seeking out similar opportunities for so-called ‘dental vacations’ abroad, then you’re definitely not alone.

Did you know for example that over 15,000 Australians visit Southeast Asia to places like the Philippines, Bali, Indonesia, and Bangkok Thailand, for cosmetic procedures including cheap dental implants, each and every year? And what astonishing deals they are!

In some places, they can be up to 60% cheaper with dental implants costing visitors around $2600 on average when compared to around $5800 pack home. What’s perhaps even more astonishing is that even when you throw in factors like:

  • Return flights
  • Basic accommodation for your duration and…
  • food and spending money while there

It can still work out a saving of several thousand dollars when you have two or more dental implants.

With multiple, daily non-stop flights to many of the above destinations including Bangkok, Thailand, it really does appear to be a bit of a no-brainer – or so you’d think!

But, before you go Googling ‘the cheapest deals on dental implants in Bangkok, Thailand’, there are certain risks that come with the territory that you really should be aware of. These are risks that you wouldn’t necessarily have when you undergo dental implants back home. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Complex tooth surgery needs lengthy recovery time

dental implant Bangkok chatswood

Let’s face it, most people who undergo dental implants abroad in places like Bangkok Thailand. do so because they need multiple treatments that are likely to cost tens of thousands of dollars in Australia. Of course, the first thing people usually think about is the massive savings they’ll make when they come back feeling refreshed, suntanned, and… with a great smile.

While this is understandable, the issue that many people overlook is the recovery time needed for such treatments. Many people will book a Thailand dental vacation using their annual two week holiday or work leave. What can happen is that because the international hospital or clinic knows you have such a tight timeframe, they’ll often try to cram in multiple teeth procedures to fit in with the travel timelines of the patient. While in some cases this works, in others it can be a risky proposition as certain people respond to healing in different ways.

Alternatively of course, when you visit your local dental implants dentists here in Sydney for example, you’re assured of the time needed to heal properly between treatments. There isn’t that huge urgency to get treatments done, especially when your safety could be a risk.


Getting A Dental implant in Bangkok – What happens if things go wrong?

Dental implants aren’t full proof, even the most experienced of dentists can have a tooth implant failure rate of somewhere between 2% and 5%. This, however, is often down to any number of outside influences rather than the incompetence of the dental implant dentist. The same would go for a Bangkok dentist. So let’s just say that you are one of the unlucky ones, then what do you do? What’s your course of action?

If this were to happen here then the steps are pretty straight forward. You’d simply contact the dentists in question, and he or she would then invite you back to the clinic to take a look. If the dental implant in question turns out to be faulty or was found to be placed badly, then it’s going to be easy to seek some sort of recompense.

Now imagine the same scenario takes place long after you’ve returned from your dental vacation in Bangkok, Thailand. It can be hard to explain the problem over the phone or by Skype call and although most dentists in Bangkok speak English, it can become very easy for certain facts to become ‘lost in translation’.

Even if they do invite you back to the clinic, there’s a small matter of the 9+ hour flight there and back and the time needed to complete that trip. Also, what about accommodation and essentials like food? Suddenly your initially cheap dental implants deal in Bangkok, Thailand has now become pretty expensive!


Ongoing Aftercare

On some occasions dental implants can develop problems, sometimes several years after the initial insertion. Because the majority of people don’t return to their Bangkok, Thailand dental clinic where the surgery was initially carried out, it’s often left for the local dentist here in Australia to try and treat the patient without full treatment records and documentation.

More often than not, this leaves the dentist in question with a lot of guesswork. Did you know, for example, that over 50 different systems are used, all of which can have varying diameters and lengths?

Conversely of course, if you return to your local Sydney dental clinic even several years after the event, they will have all your records instantly available. Because of this, no guesswork is needed, and problems can be identified and indeed, corrected that much quicker and safer.

If you’re considering undergoing a dental implant, Bangkok, Bali, and Kula Lumpur, sure do offer some of South East Asia’s cheapest deals. However, it’s well worth looking at the whole picture, rather than being swayed entirely by the dental implants price – However attractive that may be!

If you’d prefer to reduce the risk factor and stay at home, then here at Evergreen Dental as well as offering competitive prices on the latest digital dental implants, we also run regular promotions to make implant-based tooth restorations more affordable. To find out more, contact our team on 02 8074 3849 or book a consultation online.

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