While a dental checkup and cleaning cost is yet another expense to be factored into your list of outgoing funds, the consequences of not attending scheduled checkups could be way more costly, and not just in monetary terms. Let’s take a closer look.

Saves you money and time

You may think there’s little point in attending a routine dental check especially if you’ve other bills to pay and you’re not feeling any pain. The thing is, most dental problems are difficult to diagnose yourself since more often than not, patients don’t feel pain until a condition has reached a critical stage.

From our point of view, prevention is far better than cure. By attending a 6 month dental check up and cleaning, cost can be saved on more complex treatments which could have been diagnosed and treated in their early stages, with lower dental costs and less time spent sitting in the dentist’s chair.


So, what happens at a routine dental check up?

The aim of a dental check up is to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. Even if you brush and floss meticulously each day, there may be symptoms present which you can’t see such as gum disease, tooth decay, and even oral cancer. The earlier your dentist spots these problems the easier it is to treat them and the more chance there is of a successful outcome.

Predicting future outcomes

Your Chatswood dentist also uses a regular check up and clean as a way of predicting the future. No, not by gazing into a glass ball but as a means of recording your dental history. This way your dentist can check for any differences in your teeth from your last routine dental check up and will be able to gauge accurately when a failing tooth, for instance, may need replacing, thus eliminating any nasty surprises when more complex treatments are required.

Dental Cleaning

If there are visible signs that some of your habits may be impacting on your dental health then it may be suggested that you stop chewing on pen tops, cut back on your sugar intake, or quit smoking. Unless you’re suffering from severe gum disease and a major build-up of plaque, you won’t need to worry yourself about the deep teeth cleaning cost – although your teeth will be cleaned and polished until they sparkle and any tartar removed from the gumline, as part of the dental check up procedure anyway. You’ll also be given plenty of oral care tips to help you keep your oral health in tip top condition.


Often a checkup and clean necessitates your dentist taking a couple of X-rays to ascertain whether there’s anything happening in your mouth that can’t be seen with the naked eye. This could include such things as decay beneath a filling or in between your teeth, a root infection, impacted wisdom teeth, jaw damage, abscesses, and tumours.

At Evergreen Dental we also provide a comprehensive range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. Why not give us a call on (02) 8074 3849 to schedule a complete dental check up to put your mind at ease. It will help you keep your teeth for longer and possibly save you money in the long run too. Don’t worry if you’re an anxious patient – we pride ourselves on delivering gentle, caring, and effective dentistry.


  1. Kai Shoebridge

    I’m not phobic, but I really hate going to the dentist.
    I don’t know, but doctors and dentists make me feel like a small child. I know I’m supposed to go to the doctor once a year and the dentist twice, but do I really need to? Whenever I get a physical exam it’s all good and there’s really nothing wrong with my teeth. Are these visits worth it or am I just paying for nothing? Those were the questions I kept asking myself ’til I came across this post. I mean it makes sense, prevention is better than cure. The consequences of not attending checkups at all could be way more costly so I
    think it is never as bad as I think it is. Thanks for this.

  2. Declan Lemberg

    I couldn’t agree more to with this! I have faced a lot of problems with my teeth since childhood, and lost two teeth due to delay and ignorance! It’s really necessary to get yourself checked after every few months so you can make sure that you do not suffer in the long run. Everyone should give more importance to their oral health. This blog will serve as a suggestion and motivation to book an appointment so I’m sharing this.


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