All Your Questions Answered About Teeth Whitening

It’s not uncommon for patients to want their teeth to look sparkly white to boost their confidence and improve their smile, but many people are unsure if this procedure is right for them.

Before undertaking any teeth whitening procedures, the Evergreen dental team give you the FAQs to help you determine whether this is the way forward for you. We welcome your questions and openly discuss all your concerns.

What determines the cost of teeth whitening?

When visiting a dentist to whiten your teeth, you may see that it can be more costly than  to do the procedure. There are varying factors of why costs vary, including:

When performed by a dental professional, their qualifications and training mean less possible infection risk and carelessness in the application.

Will the procedure result in shiny white teeth?

The common practice is for your teeth to look naturally white. We deliver quality outcomes in a safe environment around 3-4 shades whiter than they already are.

It’s essential to note that all teeth respond differently, which isn’t determined until after whitening. Our team is known for great results.

How long does the whitening of teeth last?

While it varies between patients, it can last anywhere between a year or two. Your lifestyle impacts the length of time, especially if you smoke, have poor oral hygiene or drink alcohol regularly.

Is there any specific process to follow after whitening?

For the first couple of days post-treatment, avoiding soft drinks, coffee, red wine and tea are recommended because your teeth are more susceptible to staining.

Brushing post-treatment will help remove residual bleach and minimise the risk of staining.

Will whitening my teeth change the colour of veneers, bridges and crowns?

After treatment, there won’t be a colour change for bridges, veneers, crowns, or fillings. While they may appear to change, the complexity of teeth means they won’t change.

We recommend discussing your concerns with your dentist before undergoing any teeth whitening treatment.

Are there any side effects of whitening teeth?

There are a few possible issues when you undergo treatment to whiten your teeth. These include:

  • Teeth sensitivity– mild sensitivity on the day of treatment is usual.  We will provide anti-sensitive gel to soothe and relieve the discomforts.
  • Irritation of gums– If the whitener contacts your gums, you may experience a minor burning sensation. It usually fades quickly, especially if you keep well hydrated or use topical treatments. We will provide the cotton strips and any other protection methods to avoid gum hurts.
  • Nerve damage – Not a common issue, but it can happen with decay or cracked teeth. Usually, your dentist would fix these issues before whitening treatment.

What type of costs would I be looking at for whitening treatment?

Most treatment packages start from around $800 to $1200. This is the cost before any contribution from insurance.

Want to know more? Ask our customer service team how we can get you started by making an appointment with one of our experienced dentists.


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