Evergreen recently completed an All-On-Six full-mouth reconstruction with dental implants.

The patient was about 60 years old. When he came to the clinic for a consultation, his oral condition was unsatisfactory. His alveolar bone and gums had receded, and teeth were almost lost. His periodontal disease was severe, and the remaining teeth were crumbling.


After an evaluation by Dr. Ryan Chou, it was decided to extract all the teeth and perform a full mouth reconstruction so that the patient’s chewing function could be restored.

In the first period of the dental implant process, a 3D oral scan and a full-mouth OPG were conducted, the digital computer measures the precise depth and angle of the dental implant, and determines a suitable dental implant plan for the patient. In addition, the DIO dental implant system was utilised by Dr Ryan. Then the temporary dentures were ordered for this patient.


The original teeth are extracted twice separately, upper and lower, and then temporary dentures are installed, followed by a period of recovery.

The dental implant surgery commenced approximately 4 months later for full recovery after extraction; the dental implants were installed, and temporary dental bridges were placed in this surgery. This step is also performed separately. Once the lower part of the dental implants were completed, and two months later, the upper part of the dental implants were placed precisely.

After each temporary bridge is placed, a period of running-in, the patient will come back for a follow-up visit to check the healing status and the comfortness of those dental bridges.

After several adjustments to the dental bridge by Dr. Ryan Chou, the ultimate version of the All-On-Six dental bridge was finally determined.

Eventually, in early 2024, the patient received a complete and finalised version of his new teeth. The patient is currently very satisfied and has made an appointment for regular follow-up every six months. With careful care, these All-On-Six full-mouth dental implants can last for more than 15 years or even longer.

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